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LabsLand obtains Ship2B impact seal

The Ship2B Foundation has awarded LabsLand its Impact Company seal! After verification by the Ship2B Impact Tribunal that our impact measurement system meets the requirements, we have been awarded this accreditation. This confirms LabsLand as a company committed to this new economic model, oriented towards achieving a positive impact on society, in this case through better scientific-technical training.

Social Impact Companies

Social Impact companies are those that do not only aim to obtain profitability, but also seek to have a positive impact on society or the environment. This positive impact can take many different forms. It is often aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

LabsLand and Social Impact

In the case of LabsLand, our goal is to improve education. We want everyone to be able to receive quality scientific and technical training, no matter where they live or what resources they have.

That is why at LabsLand we strive to make the platform accessible to all those who need it, ensuring affordable prices in regions with little resources.

This is partly possible thanks to LabsLand’s platform and technology, which facilitates a more efficient and effective use of resources. With LabsLand, not only can professors provide lab practices more conveniently and effectively, but with LabsLand, different institutions can share labs. Through this, students have access to a much greater variety, and underutilization of equipment is reduced.

The Ship2B Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Ship2B Foundation’s mission is to drive the Impact Economy by creating an Impact ecosystem made up of startups, investors and organizations that seek to help solve society’s greatest challenges.