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LabsLand at the ECEDHA 2024 Annual Conference

LabsLand was back at the ECEDHA Annual conference, this time in Tucson, Arizona, with different products featured in multiple stands at the Exhibition.

On Friday, Pablo Orduna from LabsLand participated in a panel titled “Equitable Access in Engineering Education: Envisioning Inclusive Practices and Industry Trends” led by Prof. Rania Hussein of the Remote Hub Lab (University of Washington), and with Ross Satchell from Microchip, Marcos Inonan from University of Washington, Mateja Lampe Rupnik from Red Pitaya:

During the Exhibition, LabsLand was mainly at the DigiKey space, presenting the LabsLand Prism4 new structures (recently announced) and the LabsLand Hive:

The Prism4 structures were present in other stands as well. Altera (formerly Intel FPGA) was also exhibiting a Prism4 structure with DE1-SoC FPGAs inside:

The Remote Hub Lab (RHLab) was also presenting their RELIA project for Software Defined Radio, hosted on a Prism4:


Pablo Orduña is the CEO and co-founder of LabsLand