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LabsLand support for schools and universities affected by COVID-19

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Summary: LabsLand is providing free remote access to real STEM laboratories for schools (typically High School and a few for Middle School), colleges and universities affected by COVID-19. Most of the labs are on Arduino, Electronics, Physics; and for universities and colleges additionally FPGA’s. All the laboratories are real, not simulations. See below for details on how to request access: you can create a free space for your school and then you will be able to manage your students (using Google Classroom, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and others).

Thousands of schools and universities all over the world are closing amid COVID-19 concerns to better protect the health of their students and surrounding communities. As a result, educators are forced to transition to an online mode of teaching and might be struggling to continue educating their students. LabsLand wants to help all educators by making this transition as smooth as possible.

One of the most common problems in online education, especially in STEM and engineering, is the lack of access to real laboratories for learning and experimenting. Typically, options are limited: either simulations or kits that are shipped to students in their homes, which might not even be possible in this context. LabsLand solves the lack of access to real laboratories by providing remote access to real laboratories (not simulations) in many different fields, for high schools or universities: Physics, Electronics, Arduino, FPGA’s, and starting to have Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories are located in 24 universities in 14 countries on all the continents. Students can access LabsLand laboratories without installing any software, simply by using their web browser, and experimenting and manipulating those laboratories remotely.

As long as we have resources available, we want to help those schools that are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. For that reason, we at LabsLand are providing those schools with free access to all of our laboratories until summer 2020. Our goal is to help minimize the impact of those affected by the current COVID-19 situation and who are compelled to transition to an online mode of education. We believe that providing free access will minimize interruptions in learning and teaching caused by COVID-19.

Please contact us at with “COVID-19” in the subject line, or automatically use this link to create your school space free of charge. LabsLand space allows you to easily use the laboratories in Moodle, Google Classroom, Sakai, or other platforms. If you want to try the labs first, check the full list here, and filter by University, High School or Middle School: but make sure you come back to this post for free access.

Create a LabsLand space for your institution

It is also highly recommended to schedule a meeting with our team (follow this link for the team in the US or follow this link for the team in Europe). This will make things much easier and faster for you. You can alternatively see the step-by-step guide we created here.

If you are a university that would like to provide your students with access to your laboratories but can’t do so because of COVID-19, please get in touch with us. We can definitely help and “remotify” your laboratory and make sure your students can use needed laboratory resources even when your students are not on campus.


Pablo Orduña is the CEO and co-founder of LabsLand