You are currently viewing LabsLand selected as a participant of the European IMPACT EdTech action!

LabsLand selected as a participant of the European IMPACT EdTech action!

LabsLand has been selected as one of the 11 startups participants in the European acceleration programme IMPACT EdTech Remote Schooling. The highly competitive programme is looking for the most disruptive European startups with the greatest potential to solve the biggest challenges in education, with the aim of helping them become successful and international market-ready products.


IMPACT EdTech is a European Incubator-Accelerator that seeks to help the most promising Education Technology startups to turn their projects into successful, international market-ready products. The IMPACT EdTech Remote Schooling call specifically seeks to accelerate those startups with the potential to solve the major challenges facing education during and after COVID-19. This call is especially oriented to products focused on schools and colleges, and the project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Acceleration process

The project includes a five-month acceleration period, during which LabsLand labs will be piloted in selected international schools, and various improvements will be made to LabsLand’s school-oriented products.

The ultimate goal is that after the pilot and the implementation of additional improvements and features during the programme, the LabsLand product will become an even better tool, essential for science and technology education in schools, and specially adapted for various EU countries.

IMPACT EdTech partners

The IMPACT EdTech programme is managed by several relevant European partners, including the ISDI accelerator and the European Schoolnet, which is a network of 32 European ministries of education based in Brussels. The FundingBox platform is also involved.

For Schools

The IMPACT EdTech Remote Schooling call is especially oriented towards technologies and products with great potential for education in schools. If you want to improve and facilitate science and technology education in your school and would like to find out more about how LabsLand’s remote labs can help teachers and especially students, do not hesitate to contact us!


LabsLand proporciona acceso a muchos laboratorios orientados a colegios, incluyendo de física, de robótica, de tecnología, de química, e incluso de biología. Además, estamos constantemente añadiendo laboratorios nuevos, y trabajando con diversas universidades a lo largo del planeta para crearlos.

Some technology laboratories

One of many interesting examples likely to be used extensively during the pilot is LabsLand’s Arduino Lab, which allows students to remotely control and access an Arduino development kit similar to that used in most introductory classroom courses. It is particularly useful for introducing students to Arduino, programming or basic peripherals such as LEDs and servos.

Another very interesting lab is the Arduino Robotics Lab, which allows you to control a Pololu Zumo 32U4 robot, and learn how to control infrared line-following sensors, distance sensors, motors and other peripherals with it.

Some physics laboratories

Schools will also have access to many other labs, including several physics labs. For example, an Inclined Plane lab that can be used for basic practice in uniformly accelerated motion or gravity. Or, for example, a Pendulum Motion lab, where students can experiment with a pendulum and perform different exercises by analysing data from a real pendulum themselves.


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