Introducing LabsLand

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In today’s society, a solid scientific and technical education is ever more important. To achieve such an education, students need to experiment.

In LabsLand we believe that high-quality experimentation should be available for everyone, and should be easy to conduct. For this reason, we are building a large network of remote laboratories.

Those are the same educational laboratories that schools and universities require, but accessible through the Internet. Simply with a web browser, students from schools all over the world can access, for example, a real Arduino robot. They can control and program it online. Just with a web browser, physics students can conduct radioactivity experiments without leaving their schools.

Because in LabsLand we believe that distance, or lack of resources, or lack of time to prepare experiments; should never be obstacles for people to truly learn science and technology.


Luis Rodríguez Gil is CTO of LabsLand and one of its co-founders. He has been taking part for over 8 years in remote labs research. Now he works in LabsLand to ensure that this innovative technology reaches its full potential for education.