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LabsLand Arduino Robotics laboratory deployment in our offices

The instances for the Arduino Robotics laboratories of LabsLand are deployed throughout various international institutions. Each instance is a copy of the laboratory. This lets us support a large number of concurrent students using the same lab at the same time. Furthermore, it allows us to provide very high reliability. In case one of the laboratory breaks, or that an institution loses its connection to the Internet, students can still access the laboratory. The system will simply send them automatically to the instances that are working.

This page describes the specific deployment of Arduino Robotics lab instances in our offices in Bilbao, within the Innolab Bilbao premises.


This particular deployment of the Arduino Robotics remote laboratory is located in the LabsLand offices within Innolab Bilbao, along with various other labs.

Arduino Robotics remote lab instances

At the moment, we have two instances of the laboratory deployed in this particular location. They are, respectively, the third and fourth instances of the laboratory that we built. At the moment of writing this, there are 7 functional instances in different institutions, and several under development.


Luis Rodríguez Gil is CTO of LabsLand and one of its co-founders. He has been taking part for over 8 years in remote labs research. Now he works in LabsLand to ensure that this innovative technology reaches its full potential for education.