With LabsLand, your students will have access to real instruments and electronics components anytime anywhere.

Teach Analog Electronics

  •   No upfront investment required: use the existing equipment available through the LabsLand network.
  •   Pedagogically proven technology: improve teaching by providing access to your students with real equipment (not a simulation) anytime anywhere.
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Resistor circuits

Half wave rectifier

RLC circuits

Transistor circuits

And many more!

  •   Request a demo to see all the circuits and test it yourself.
  •   Extensible system: if you buy the equipment, you can design new circuits.
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The measurements are real, not simulated

  •   All the components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, coils, Operational Amplifiers, transistors...) exist and are being measured in real time by the instruments.
  •   When you build a circuit in the user interface, it physically creates the circuit by connecting them with relays.
  •   You can read more about how it works in the Hive node reference documentation.
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Get subscriptions for your students...

  •   No equipment required: you can use the equipment from the rest of the LabsLand network.
  •   Get subscriptions for your students and start using it today.
  •   Demo available for instructors.
  •   Integrations: integrate your laboratory with Canvas, Moodle, Google Classroom or other Learning Management Systems.
  •   User tracking: see how often students use the laboratory with the Dashboard.
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...or get your own LabsLand Hive!

  •   Your customized space: LabsLand provides you with a space where you will be able to manage and track your students.
  •   Priority access for your students and staff from your institution.
  •   Branding: students from your institution and from other institutions will see your institution's brand.
  •   Add your own circuits: you can connect other components to your own Hive node.
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Start using it now!

Reach us to have your own space for a 1-month free demo for educational institutions, as well as to answer any questions:

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 +34 613 01 40 64 European Union
 +1 (408) 752-2995 United States

Further information

Get further information about the LabsLand Electronics remote laboratory and how to use it:

 Hive node reference documentation

 Available circuits

 User guide


The University of Georgia has been using LabsLand's remote labs and we now have our own lab for our students and for contributing to the LabsLand network. Students find remote labs fun, very easy to use, and very convenient: being able to do homework with real hardware at any time, anywhere

Dominik May
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
University of Georgia

LabsLand made the process of moving labs online easy and fast, allowing us to teach our content, experimental methods, and equipment use necessary to the program

Jeanie Talbot
Physics Lab Manager
University of La Verne

I used the Electronics laboratory and it was a lot of fun using it both for students and for us. Students could build real circuits using their computer and they would get real measurements from real equipment which was on another continent! It was very easy to use from Moodle: students didn't have to register or anything but just click in Moodle, and they would be in the lab.

Alireza Rafiee
Lecturer, Physics and Astronomy Department
York University,

LabsLand laboratories in UNIR are just spectacular, and seeing that students enjoy them and make take advantage of them is the best reward!

Paula Lamo
PhD in Industrial Engineering. Lecturer at UNIR, Área Organización Industrial y Electrónica

LabsLand Electronics laboratory has allowed me to teach online electronic circuit practices, using real components (not simulators), in real-time, in a comfortable way. Thanks to this, students had the possibility of working in an environment similar to the classroom in a laboratory.

Carmen Aracil
Professor, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
Universidad de Sevilla,

The LabsLand Electronics remote environment offers a wide range of potential experiments when constructing electronic circuits. It is very useful for studying the circuit behaviors, using the multimeter and oscilloscope and obtaining deeper knowledge by studying different types of signals.

Kendall Ugalde Castro
Meteorologist, Sección de Física
Universidad de Costa Rica,
Costa Rica

UNED is a distance university. For us, it’s necessary to provide our students with all the possible resources online. In science and engineering, LabsLand remote labs are a key solution: engaging, with demonstrated learning outcomes, easy to use, and integrated with our digital tools.

Carlos Arguedas
Faculty member, Departamento de Física
Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED),
Costa Rica

The use of remote laboratories has allowed us to enrich the laboratory classes, exploring new options. In the Electronics lab we have been able to do different assignments and mini-projects for students to learn with their own measurements, so they analyze the underlying physical phenomenon.

Eduardo Arias Navarro
Physics High School Teacher, Dpto. de Física
Colegio Científico Costarricense de San Ramón,
Costa Rica

We used the Electronics lab course with ~950 students of the 1st year BTech curriculum. It tremendously helped us to conduct the experiments in real-time using remote hardware setups, used by many users to perform experiments simultaneously at a time using real hardware equipment on time-sharing basis.

Prof. Rohit Sinha
Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Electrical Engineering
IIT Guwahati,