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REV2020 Best Paper Award!

The REV2020 conference last week has been great. We had an amazing community workshop, many interesting presentations, the opportunity to do demos of 4 of our laboratories in the demo session, and 7 articles by LabsLand partners explaining their work.

Among the 7 articles, one was written by Cándido Aramburu, from UPNA, and UNIFESP (Brazil) and LabsLand, and was presented on Friday explaining the FPGA laboratories co-developed with LabsLand. In the article, it is explained how both universities have been using these laboratories during the second half of 2019, and the results in terms of engagement by the students (over 3,500 laboratory sessions!), reliability (even if one of the labs is down, the rest can cover it, so students automatically are using the ones that are running) and user experience. It includes over a dozen boards distributed between UPNA and UNIFESP.

The authors of the paper were: FPGA Remote Laboratory: Experience in UPNA and UNIFESP. Candido Aramburu, Ana Lucia Beraldo, Aitor Villar-Martinez, Luis Rodriguez-Gil, Wilson Francisco Moreira de Souza Seron, Tiago de Oliveira, Pablo Orduña.

And we are super happy to announce that this article obtained the Best Full Paper Award of the REV2020 conference! Cándido Aramburu collected the award:


Pablo Orduña is the CEO and co-founder of LabsLand